In Praise of the Advent of God

Alláh, Alláh, through You, through You and Your Divine Plan,
render us whole and gather us together at the seat of Your Glory
that we all may be established on the throne of Your exaltation.
Praised be God Who has fulfilled His covenant with us!

Praise be to God that He has cast off the veil from His face!
Unveiled, He is manifest with splendor from the place of His dawning!

He cleanses away the rust of imaginations and doubt
with the sanctified call of AHasten unto Me!

Observe how all in His presence have fallen to the ground,
have fallen down drunk, intoxicated, and disheveled!

How joyous that the One who is inebriated from the undefiled goblet
has appeared, so beguiling with brilliant illumination.

He attracts all the fallen specs of dust
with melodies pouring forth from His words.

They are all unconscious, but He is conscious
because of the inherent luminescence of the cloud.

O God, O God, He has appeared!
The Hidden Mystery! Indeed, it is an astonishing mystery!

From the pages (of the history) of manifestation,
an entrancing Temple has arisen,

enticing and sanctifying every spec of dust
with His warbling voice.

O God, I see His beauteous face,
illuminated by ornaments and veils!

O God, except for Him there is no one in existence
able to assume the station of Athat which is the answer!

Praise be to that life-giving Power
Who appeared without disguise or veil!

I will fearlessly proclaim that bihjat has descended
with attractions from the supreme and exalted Height!

He is captivating all those who possess intelligence
with His melodies intoned from the paradisiacal Essence.

Indeed it is an astonishing mystery!– the account of Bihjat–
how everything descends from a single source of genesis!

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