Sing Praises to God!

That same God Who fashions whatsoever He desires,
has in His benevolence opened the gate to the exalted Garden of Ridván.

Goblets filled with pure wine have descended
setting ablaze the verdant trees of the Garden of Ridván.

O God, Praiseworthy indeed be Thy doings! It is Ahmad,
the reflection of whose beauty has illumined the plain of Párán

O Lord, such beauteous faces have come into being,
each so ineffable that no metaphors are worthy of similitude.

O God, through Thy bounty Thou hast made the Hidden Treasure manifest!
By God, Thou hast revealed the truth, O Subhán!

I can view clearly, O God, that Thy Mighty Throne hast become manifest
in the plain of Tá, O Beloved, O Dayyán.

O Subhán, all thy people from the lofty summit of the Throne on High
are descending and circumambulating the sacred sanctuary.

O God, pour those scented drops into my goblet
that through acknowledgment from the beauteous face of Humrán.

I with Divine honor may arise from my place
and extract whomsoever You desire from the heart of the Humrán.

Supreme is God the Most High from Whom jalálíyyát has descended!
Glorious is God, the Most Glorious, from whom the illumination of jamálíyyát has emanated!

O Bihjat of Fá, behold the sign dawning from the West!
With a pure heart, read all the verses of proof!

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