Other articles and talks

  1. Who Was Chaucer,” Virginia Polytechnic Institute Seminar Series, April 3, 1965, Blacksburg, Virginia. 
  2. “Editing Old and Middle English Literature,” USF Medieval and Renaissance Society, January 19, 1972. 
  3. “The Metaphorical Nature of Physical Reality,” Association for Studies on the Bahá’í Faith, January 2, 1977, Bolton, Ontario. 
  4. Invited as a featured speaker on Bahá’í History for sixth annual meeting of Association for Bahá’í Studies, June 15, 1980. 
  5. “Discovering the Pearls of Wisdom in the Imagery of the Bahá’í Writings,” September 1, 1980, National College of Education, Evanston, Illinois.  
  6. “Robert Hayden: Black Poet in a Time of Transition,” A Harlem Renaissance Celebration.  The Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  July 28, 1985. 
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  8. “The Kingdom of Names: A Bahá’í Definition of Justice,” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, November 24, 1986. 
  9. “The Equality of Women: The Bahá’í Principle of Complementarity,” keynote presentation at the 14th Annual meeting of the Association for Bahá’í Studies held at Irvine California.  
  10. “The Tension Between Belief and Ideology:  Patterns of Consolation in the Poetry of Robert Hayden,” University of Michigan Conference “Words in the Mourning Time, a Celebration of the Life and Work of Robert Hayden,” February 23, 1990. 
  11. “Racial Identity in the Poetry of Robert Hayden,” Association for Bahá’í Studies Annual meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, November 9, 1990. 
  12. “The Kingdom Come: The Bahá’í Concept of an Emerging Global Community,” Theosophy in the New Age. Miami, Florida, November 23, 1991.  
  13. “The Choice Wine at the Family Reunion,” McGill University, Montreal, Association for Bahá’í Studies Annual Meeting, June 17, 1993.  
  14. “The Validity and Value of an Historical-Crticial Approach to the Revealed Works of Bahá’u’lláh,” Second Haj Medhi Armand Conference on Scripture, Wilmitte, Illinois, February 14, 1994.  
  15. “The Model of Penology in Bahá’u’lláh’s The Kitáb-i-Aqdas,” Haj Medhi Arjmand Memorial colloquium on scripture, March 10. 1995. 
  16. “The Bahá’í View of the Moral Imperative in a World Commonwealth,” Second World Congress of Universalism, University of Central Florida, Orlando, August 16, 1995.  
  17. Invited to give paper on Robert Hayden at the “First International Conference on Kahlil Gibran” sponsored by the University of Maryland.  The paper “The Theme of Alienation in the Poetry of Robert E. Hayden” will be published in the proceedings from the conference.  
  18. Gave paper at Merton College, Oxford, on Foundational Issues in Bahá’í Studies, April 1-2, 2000.  Paper “Methodology and Bahá’í Studies: The Bridge Between Realities” to published with proceedings from conference.  
  19. Presented Keynote Address for 24th Annual Meeting of the Association for Baha’i Studies (in Toronto) August 31-September 3, 2000: “A Century of Light: Has the Future Already Been Written?”  
  20. At same conference presented paper “Scholarly Methodologies in Baha’i Studies.”  
  21. At same conference participated in a round table discussion of methods of translation of culturally based poetry.  
  22. At same conference participated in a round table discussion on how to prepare articles for scholarly publications (participated as Associate editor of Journal of Bahá’í Studies.)  
  23. Gave Paper at Florida Southern College on Eschatology in the Medieval Era entitled: “Old English Literature and the Time of the End,” November 3, 2000.  
  24. “Unveiling the Huri of Love,” The 23rd Hasan M. Balyuzi Memorial Lecture, Boston, 2005.