This Longing for You

O Thou Opener of Gates,[1]
open the portal of reunion!
Can’t you hear how
the friends of God are knocking?

What harm could it do
if they find their way to your side?
So many have been waiting
and watching behind your door.

How long must they patiently wait
to attain your presence?[2]
Your remoteness is prolonged
and still they linger behind the veil.

How long must your lovers endure
this anguish from behind the curtain?
At least bestow upon them
a glimpse[3] of your unveiled beauty.

They ask nothing more from you
than your presence.
There is no reward for them
except meeting you.

They became drunk with ecstasy[4]
in desire for you – then sober again –
for there is no respite,
no sanctuary for them but you.[5]

By piercing the veils
they have abandoned the causes;
by rending the veils,
they have surpassed the means.

Cast aside the clouds to show them
the sun in its full splendor
by removing the veils
from the beauty of your face

so that the wise ones
will become astonished with wonderment
and those whose brains have withered
will be replenished with wisdom,

so that the self‑deluded ones
will be brought to their senses
and those who are sober and wise
will become crazy with intoxication,

so that the slave and the master
will become so intermingled
that no distinction between them
can be found.

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