The Master Builder

by Na’ím

The story of these lovers shall eclipse from our memories
the fable of Majnún and the legend of Farhád,

these lovers who paced to the place of execution
more eagerly than a groom hastening to the bridal chamber.

It is His beauty that hath made slaves of the masters
and freed slaves from their bondage.

One dwelled in sorrow and torture;
the other fell into calamity and suffering.

One set his own household on fire;
another offered up his family to the wind.

This one sacrificed his possessions; that one, his child;
another, his ambition; and another his own life.

Among so many destroyers, how did the Master builder
fashion this house so that it flourishes and overflows with friends?

Behold how firm He made the foundation of this Cause,
even amid the tumult – the waves of tests and storms.

The mind is astonished! May His sovereignty be exalted!
And may His station be glorified!

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