God is Calling You From this World

by Na’ím

O seeker of God, God is calling you –
His Holiness, the Glorious One is calling you.

The Eternal Essence is beckoning you
from the mortal world to the eternal realm.

O thou who art waiting and eager, hasten!
God is calling you to the festive reunion!

O thou earthly one, since He summons you from the nether world
to the heavenly abode, become celestial!

In the midst of war and strife, the Incomparable God
beckons you toward peace and delight.

His servants are drawn into the sea of destruction.
He is calling on you for sacrifice.

O thou darvísh sitting on the roadside, the true King
is beckoning you to the rank of the prophets!

He is calling you to the Most Great Peace,
to the welfare of humankind, to the religion of Bahá.

Establishing the unity of all who dwell on earth
is an obligation of all the people of conscience.

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    1. Thanks. Tahirih was an amazing person–without reading the two books we did of her unknown poetry, her intellectual prowess is largely unappreciated by most.

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