The Appearance of “Him Whom God Will Make Manifest”

It is another world, and another command is being unfolded!
Another Revelation is descending from the Sun of Destiny!

Amid the dawning light, It has appeared in the constellation of Praise!
Drops of praise spring forth from It!

(The Sun) says, “It is I! No one is alive except Me!
All people prostrate themselves in My presence.

AIt is My wish to extract from my liver the crimson cord
to unfold the mysteries of all that has been concealed beneath the covers!”

The One who came but who did not come has now arrived!
He has cast off the veils of distinction to reveal the same Personage.

O thou hearer, hearken, and, if you examine with care the world around you,
you will discern revealed clearly the One who has been concealed.

The next instant you may discover another world made manifest,
made to shine with light through the mystery of Truth.

But first you must cleanse yourself from the (dust of) names in the kingdom of names
and bring yourself into the station of fittaríyyah which He Himself occupies.

God, the Venerated, the Beloved, the Matchless One,
assumed the throne of the Bayán with effulgence and song!

Since He has at last arrived, remove the veil!
Since truth is now apparent, the days of names has passed!

In the past, all the mysteries were revealed in crystalline couplets!
Verily, this is the revelation of that exact same truth!

Far from Celestial Heights the Friend of God has descended
Whose name in the Bayán is now manifest in the exaltation of light!

Now He is speaking of the face of the Appointed One
proclaiming: AI am He! I am Ahmad! He is the manifest name!

By God, Alláh, it was manifest in the world, that mystery
which is a secret concealed in the heart of Holy Texts.

By means of the flawless Mirror, the past is now made plain!
By Alláh, He is (the One) exalted in the Bayán.

Verily, in this Day the Truth has become revealed!
Verily, the light has been ignited by sparks flashing from the Bayán.

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