Rúmí’s Reed

Awaken, O enchanting flute of Rumí!
Flourish now from the depths of your abasement.

Remove the veil from your face and pour forth beams of light
that you may see the splendor of Paran become manifest.

How long must you remain prostrate in the condition of incipience?
For how long will you occupy yourself with trivialities?

Behold how the beaming face of the Desired One is visible
and shines forth at this very moment from the enlightened land.

Because of this Divine light, the world has become joyous!
Now Adam sings melodies from the sparks of ecstasy.

Remove at last the veil from your face
that Paran’s rod may become manifest!

All who have been carrying even a drop of these wondrous tidings
now have poured them forth into lines on the tablet.

You must now bring forth Your hand to reveal all that is hidden
so that the ecstatic Point might become manifest!

By God, were this merely the result of Your own devising,
the Point would never have become manifest, not even until the end of time!

At this moment, speak forth the melodies of creation
so that the splendor of Tùr may appear from Vanguards.

Proclaim without apprehension about any backbiters,
for He is safeguarded against the impiety of deep, dark nights.

O Bird of purity, pour forth that sugar from Your beak.
I swear by God, the Melodious Bird will (now) begin Its song.

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